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OS-EASY Operation Support System(OSS) - Maintenance of Virtualization Solution


  • Rapid deploy computer operating systems and required software application for all kinds of complex requirements;
  • Restart to restore to keep against viruses and malfunction to secure Operating System security;
  • Effectively prevent network risk to ensure smooth network platform;
  • Effective control student behavior in computer classroom to ensure the teaching order;
  • Easily monitor and statistics of hardware and software assets for computer classroom;
  • Computer operation log report to secure the computer teaching result;


Centralized office is focus employees work in the same physical location to enhance team collaboration ability. Centralized office can bridge the gap between employees with each other, enhance communication and establish a collective sense. At present, many companies have built centralized office area; centralized office not only can save office space, save power resources, but also conform to the concept of low-carbon work. Meanwhile, in the centralized office environment it also faces a number of operating system maintenance challenges:


The virus threat

Virus is always a problem for the computer users. Today's antivirus software is only passively follow the updates of the virus to upgrade, which just did the work to remedy the situation, the protection for the system is difficult to achieve perfection. The use of the Internet, mobile storage devices, resulting more way of transmission of the virus; U disk, Web sites, and download etc various channels, all filled with the threat of viruses.


The system runs slowly 

After the system running for some times, it will cache a lot of temporary files, and various plug-ins are also continue to accumulate in the system, boot items are more and more, occupy lots of system resources, eventually leading to system overburdened, the speed is getting slower and slower.


System backup needs a long time, occupy a big space and update is not in time

Sudden power failure, blue screen, do not shut down properly often cause the system to crash. Reinstall the system needs a long time, if you use Ghost, the backup GHO file also occupy a lot of hard disk space for the 10GB system disk. At the same time, the speed of various software updates are very fast, often upgrade the operating system vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered, system patches also continue to publish, but the backup job has lagged far behind. Soon, the backup file will far from the current system.


Too much system maintenance work

Every year the reinstall operating system work occupy a big part of the total maintenance work, always occur the failure of system damaged, the employees’ maintenance level are uneven, personal maintenance is difficult to achieve, work has focused to the maintenance persons, give them a lot of workload, and which are all boring repetitive tasks.


"OS-easy OSS” can solve the challenges faced by IT operation and maintenance in the centralized office environment perfectly. "OS-easy OSS” is a tailor-made management system for computer classroom operation and maintenance. It can help the administrator remotely backup and restore OS, remotely deploy software and system environment in bulk, manage network security and computer use behavior. It provides the following solutions for OS protection:


System protection

“System protection” is to protect the system partitions: the installation, uninstall, deletion and change will not be retained. After the computer restarts, it will return to the state of starting up. It is not subject to the system destruction caused by virus. Meanwhile, system protection also provides a variety of logging modes: you can enter by manager mode when installing new software, and update the backup files automatically after software installation is complete. You can use the updated system when you login next time.


System restoration

“System restoration” is to set the system restoration cycle, including every time, daily, weekly, monthly and etc., and restore the system to the backup state. After that, the cache files and garbage plug-ins within the OS will be completely cleared, which ensures the healthy and clean of the system.


Virtual OS

Virtual OS is the created operating system based on the real operating system, it can compose multi-boot environment with the real operating system. Create a virtual OS just need three seconds, and do not occupy disk space.

Simple operation and easy self-maintenance

Common software failure can be solved only by restarting the computer; simplify PC maintenance process, you can finish system maintenance independently without looking for others from other departments to maintain, can share a lot of maintenance work for the administrator.




Instant recovery, just like reborn system

When the system crashes, you can quickly restore it to normal work state, neither need to reinstall the system, nor need to rebuild office environments.


One key recovery and rejuvenation at anytime

Permanently get rid of the unbearable situation that the system is slow. Clicking the keyboard, the system will be restored to the healthy state, and he system is always efficient and stable.


Create multiple systems instantly

It only takes three seconds to create a system. The establishment of a multi-boot environment can be completed instantly. The number of channels can reach to 256. Channel, the real system and other channels exist separately and do not affect each other. You can install different software and build personalized application environments based on requirements, and can set protection and restoration properties separately.


Graphical interface and simple operation

The entire system use graphical interface and the operation is simple. Common system failure can be solved only by restarting the computer, which makes everyone become the master of system maintenance.



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OS-EASY Maintenance of Virtualization Solution
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