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VOIP Telephone Service


Whether choosing a communications solution for a small or medium sized business, Red Apple can offer you sound advice based on years of experience.



Small Business Needs


When choosing a telephone system for a small business, we understand that you will be looking for cost effective solutions that offer big system features and flexibility, without the big system price tag.
As a small business, it is important to present a professional image to callers and route your calls efficiently to where you have resources, even if that means directing calls to a mobile.
You may also want to pick up email on the move but above all you will want to provide excellent customer service, respond quickly to enquiries, increase office productivity and manage cost.
Red Apple can help you choose the most suitable system for your business needs from a range of industry leading manufacturers and deliver effective, scalable solutions that offer your business real competitive advantage.



Medium Sized Business Needs


As a medium sized business, we understand that you will often have different teams with different communications requirements. Some staff may be mobile, others more office based. The key thing is that your employees need to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively, whatever their location and job function.
The experienced team here at Red Apple will take time to understand your business and provide practical advice on how the communication solutions we offer can compliment your business and increase productivity.

Whether you have an incoming or outgoing call centre, auto-recording, multiple office locations or mobile sales teams, we can provide you with effective, reliable communication solutions with the capacity to grow and adapt as your business needs change.
However large or small your organisation is, you can guarantee that Red Apple will have a communications solution that meets your business needs.

Professional Support

We have the professional skills and organisational ability to undertake the management of your business phone system HK yet enough sensitivity to never lose sight of your requirements and vital needs, no matter how big or small.



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