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Essential - eTMS
Task Managerment System


Product Introduction


TheTMS (Task Management System) is a day-to-day work solution. The company assign projects, tasks, schedule reminders, information management and integration enables the operation of the internal information fusion, to facilitate communication between the company's management and staff, and company information sharing, and build an efficient information management system for the company's operations and communication. Through the integration of user information resources within the company to achieve resource sharing, to provide customers with more efficient and thoughtful service or to enhance the communication between the internal development department, to attract and keep more customers

Using the Web-Based Application Technology, Client computers do not need to install, without high system requirements, do not take local system resources.

• As long as the Internet, wherever you are, turn on the computer will be able to carry out project allocation.
• management to better understand employees' progress, evaluate and project follow-up and progress.
• speed high efficiency. Dynamic multi-staff rights management issues and the progress of the project, a common understanding of colleagues and departments to increase the efficiency and enhance communication.
• Eng / Big5 of language choice, simple and intuitive user interface for simplicity and ease of use.

Main Functions

Task Management (Add Tasks, Set Tasks, Track Tasks, Report Tasks)
Employee Management (Assign Employees to Tasks, Group Tasks by Employees)
Document Management (Attach Links to Documents, Upload Documents as Files)
Collaboration (Share Tasks, Share Documents, Share Comments, Share Notes)
Notifications (Get Notifications, Check Notifications, Send Notifications) 

eTMS client software can alert staffs to follow up matters

事項管理 項目 Project Task Management System
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