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Essential System (Essential - eSRS)
Shop Rental System



eSRS Shop Rental System is a comprehensive and a powerful system, with many services.


Features of a complete Library Management Systems:

Systems Functions

Borrow and Return Management (VCD, DVD, Books, Handbags, Wedding Products etc.)
Resources Management(On-shelf/Reserved/Borrowed/Revoked,etc.) 
Customers/Members Management
Barcodes Printing (Call number/ISBN/Customization)
Reports (the cumulative numbers of borrows, the number of times borrowed within ninety days, and this year's borrowing times, etc.)   Customers/Members Reservations and Renewal                     C
ustomers/Members cards printing
Borrow Records and Products Search
Able to track overdue items anytime
Customers/Members Penalty Records


Online Functions

Online Reservations and Renewal
Online Notices and Calendar
Online Reserved Waiting Time Display
Online Search of Resources Information
Online Popularity Analysis
Online Penalty Records

Online Readers Borrow and Return Records
Online Cancel Reservations
Email Notifications of Borrow and Return 
Email Notifications of Early Returns of Resources
Email Notifications of Late Returns
Readers Login System
Readers Favourite Reserved Waiting List



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