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Essential eCMS
Content Management System


Product Introduction


Company website launched after completion of web design, the company's Web site is no longer updated, because the company that you want to change the site, you need via a web designer, so the resulting company is not willing to change the site contents that the company's Web site are expired.

Essential System Series of eCMS (Content Management System) module of this phenomenon provides a very good solution, companies can use this system set up company's Web site, using a simple web authoring tools such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver, to the background management interface HTML code paste, you can easily render the page in the foreground. All site planning and web content are through a simple web interface to change, managers can also order other Essential Series modules strengthen the function of the inside.

As the other portal software, eCMS same management system, multi-language interface, simple but powerful template system, user access group, updates, support the Content Editor, Content Display schedules, visitor statistics, Banner management. The eCMS integrated the latest online technologies such as Google Map and YouTube videos, adding more modern features for your business.


Improve the contents of the website

Content control is often basic CRUD, eCMS provides more flexibility in the use of the contents of function, such as archiving, publishing, stop publishing shift
Move, copy, sort, configuration and permissions, etc., these may work needs to be done via the engineers now can be completed through a browser; even be able to adjust many details, including a variety of icons, fields, list with keywords, suitable for complete master content of the company.

Release the contents of the forum, the user simply through a browser (IE or Firefox) can update their own information of the Web page, users do not need to have any knowledge of HTML just as MS-Word modify a document file!

Online Product Catalog

"The e-CMS + Product Catalog" to eCMS the strengthening of an online product catalog module, with Web Design and other Essential modules, its main function is as the bridge of your company and its customers. Your company updated product information and access to the buyer's orders or query records. Customers can select products online and issue a query or order. To enhance the competitive advantage for your company!

Online Payment Gateway

"The eCMS + Online Payment" to eCMS integrated PayPal payment platform, you can pay the bill online or receive payment.ith just a few clicks, you can complete your payment. PayPal free payment only charge 3.4% + $ 2.35 HKD per transaction fee each time, you can easily create an online payment platform, much cheaper than the general banking online payment gateway various a good choice for businesses of scale.


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