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Essential eCIS

Check in System






System Introduction


Roll calling is one of the most complicated tasks for any school, as a school consists of more than a few hundred students; therefore, the daily check in and check out have been the burdens for teachers.


However, Essential Check in System (eCIS) can tackle this problem for you and make roll calling no longer a tough task. eCIS allows you to check in and check out by placing your access card on the card reader, so teachers will not need to handle the annoying roll calling during classroom management.












                                                              flow of system









ü   Card access

             Students just have to conduct the roll calling by card access, and teachers  

             don’t have to conduct roll calling in person.



ü   Support Octopus card, QR code and barcode

   Allowing you to use octopus card, QR code or barcode to replace student ID  

   card to conduct the card access.



ü   Student Management

            Adding or erasing student accounts.


   Inputting student’s Chinese name, English name and student ID.


            Searching students by student ID or name.



ü   Class Management

   Allowing you to divide students into different classes.



ü   Export report

   Allowing you to export the results of roll calling to check on the attendance 

           and the number of absentee



ü   Holidays Management

   Inputting the holiday and the school calendar to the system.














ü   Support Octopus card, barcode and QR code

Using Octopus card, barcode or QR code to replace student ID card.


ü   Avoiding repeat check in

Setting a time gap to avoid repeating check in.


ü   Calendar

Import school calendar to input the holidays.


ü   Class Management

Dividing students into class for exporting class attendance sheet.


ü   Holiday setting

Import school calendar to input the holidays.


ü   Report export

Exporting report to specify the attendance and the number of absentee.







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