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Point-of-Sales Management System POS 


Point-of-Sales Management System POS is popular in different industries, particularly in the commercial and retail industries. POS took a very important role and position in the daily sales activities, helped shops, department stores, grocery stores, etc. to reduce a lots of work load, for example, could calculate the total amount of each transactions quickly, transactions recording, and knowing which product lacks in the warehouse etc., in order to enhance work efficiencies and product management, to strengthen profits and customer satisfaction.



Red Apple's POS interface is easy to use, no special computer skills are required, even people who seldom uses computer is able to function the POS individually. Our POS has a number of features and classification settings, such as sales, orders, products, customers, reports, etc., in order to achieve the needs of different users, becoming your good business partner. If you purchase the professional version, the online version is provided. Merchants only need to have a tablet computer, such as the IPAD, etc., and will be able to manage the POS anytime, anywhere.


Time is money, after they have POS, it helps different merchants to reduce the paying and customer waiting time to the lowest, this ensures customers’ satisfaction and improves efficiencies of businesses. Employees no longer needs to spend a lot of time to calculate the money accuracy, they could spend more time on customer service and enhance profitability. POS records the daily transactions clearly, enables product and order management, to make sure the products are not over-supplied, is matching with the JIT production principles, and make the daily operations to run more smoothly.



** POS can be classify into 4 versions: Standalone Free Version, Standalone Professional Version, Private Cloud Version, Public Cloud Version




Standalone Version

Cloud Version



Components of POS:

  • Sales
  • Order
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Reports
  • System Management
  • Calendar

POS Important Features


Point-of-sales Management

Import and Export



Terms Settings




Supports Touch-screen


Sales Records

Supplier Database

Cloud Versions


Cash Drawer

ŸCustomers Management

Supports Tablet PCs


Quotation Records


Customer Levels


Use Anywhere, Anytime


Create Quotations


Statistics and Reports


Customer Loyalty Cards


Change Logo of Invoice

ŸAdministrator Management

Sales Commission


Purchase Management

Systems Options

Powerful Promotions Management


Purchase Records


Powerful System Backup


Promotions Reminder


Inventory Management 

(Stock In/Out)

ŸŸSpeedy Calculator



Stock Take




Unlimited Modifications of Systems Words


ŸCreate Purchase Orders

Multi-payments Methods

Colorful UI


ŸProduct Management

Universal Barcodes

Employees Check-in


Product Categories


Works Online and Offline


Print Barcodes

Product Photos



POS system 零售系統
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