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What is Cloud Web Application?  Cloud Web Application is a web version of application, via a link in the Web Server to allow users to execute applications in the browsers, the most common are Web Mail, Online Banking and Online Shopping and so on.

You do not need to install client software on the user's computer, the user can use the browser (eg Internet Explorer) to run applications Red Apple developed.



The user's computer do not need to install the system software, reduce the maintenance time, any computer

  only need to go through the browser and enter the password, to use the system.

If the system has a new version of update, only need to update the Web Server system software. No need to

  update in the user's computer, reduced error and maintenance time, and no need to teach the user to install

  the client software skills.


As the system is running on the Web Server computer, so as long as that computer or server meets the basic

  hardware requirements of Red Apple Essential system, you can use it. The other user's computer no need

  additional cost and can use the system directly, reduce the hardware cost of system construction. 

As the database is placed directly in the Web Server's computer or server, each user is directly getting

  information in the database. Information immediately synchronized or updated. Avoid the synchronization

  problems that the past traditional software has, due to different network or versions.

Just add different settings, all Red Apple Essential's developed systems can be directly access on the

  Internet, such as different offices or homes.

Only need to direct backup the important information from database, the user's computer will not record any

  other important information.

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