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e-FTP is your business files hosted solutions, provides you with a powerful platform for files sharing, with advantages of fast, secure and simple, enable to send, receive and manage files easily.
e-FTP Solutions 
Easy to Use FTP
e-FTP is a easy to use Web Base program, built-in search and file index  functions.
Unlimited FTP Users
e-FTP did not limit user's FTP accounts' amounts, the traditional FTP is not able to compete.
Mutiple FTP Users Authority
e-FTP provides the access control of who can create, edit, or delete the FTP users. You can also assign multiple administrators and users.
Customization of FTP Brands
e-FTP allows you to customize your company's logo and theme colors, to enhance your brand image.
Main Functions
Folder Access Control
Creating folders and control who has the access rights, create a custom share file authorities and roles, so that each department has a separate folder store.
Enhance Your Brand
Build corporate image with your company's colors and logo, and the unique domain name, allows you and your customers to establish a direct relationship through brand share files.
Access Files Anytime, Anywhere 
You may not have the ability to access to your files anywhere in the world, but you can access your files from any FTP program and Web browser to download.
Download Multiple Files Simultaneously
When download 10 files, clicking download 10 times is unnecessary, e-FTP can automatically compress 10 files, you only need to download once.
E-mail Receives of Download Links
Directly sent the download link to your customers' email
through e-FTP. 
Customization of Download Link Deadline
Set the deadline immediately while uploading the files, making files sharing more secure.
Sharing of Large-sized Files 
Business file feature is the capacity, allow your customers to download the large-sized commercial files you provide anytime.


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